90° Flanged Sight Flow Indicators

Jacoby-Tarbox’s full ASME rated line of flanged bullseye sight flow indicators may be customized to include additional threaded or flanged connections.  A sight flow indicator cast with 90 degree flanged connections is also available and can be customized.


• Flanged connections per ASME B16.5

• Threaded connections (male and female) per ASME B16.1
• 90 degree unit matches “take-out” or face-to-face of Class 150 and Class 300 long radius elbows
• Standard fasteners per ASTM A354 and ASTM A194 complying with most piping specifications.
• Tempered borosilicate glass
• Units and machined and assembled in an ISO-9001 fully automated facility.
• Wetted components meet NACE MR-01-75 / ISO15156-1 requirements.
• Stainless steel engraved identification faceplate.

FULL BORE VISIBILITY: Pipeline view is maximized, in most cases with a diameter that is equal to the nominal pipe size, allowing 100% unobstructed process observation of gases, solids, solutions, and slurries.

APPLICATIONS: Jacoby-Tarbox ASME flanged units are the ideal platform to mount instrumentation while maintaining the ability to “see” what the instrument is exposed to, greatly aiding in troubleshooting.  The 90 degree units, which may also be customized with additional connections, help to decrease piping footprint, system weight, total number of flanges, and the related costs.



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