Phenomenal UniGlas®

4 ports high res

Eliminate Catastrophic Window Failures

All Jacoby-Tarbox sight flow indicators and sight windows with circular windows are available with or can be upgraded to have UniGlas windows.  UniGlas windows have logged millions of hours in the most severe applications over more than 35 years while never having a single catastrophic failure.


• Highest safety factor at 10:1  ⇒ Safe and Dependable
• Greatest impact resistance ⇒ Tough, Pre-stressed Glass
Reusable ⇒ ONLY glass fused to metal optical discs may be placed back into service safely after use
Simple maintenanceOne piece – No glass bonding agents, shims, packing, or adjustment screws
 Applications: UniGlas window discs enjoy wide-spread applications throughout major industries: pharmaceutical, food & beverage, nuclear, biological, mining, refining, electrical, and general manufacturing / fabricating.  Jacoby-Tarbox UniGlas discs may be used in both new and retrofit installations on tanks, vessels, pipelines, autoclaves, vacuum components, compressors, pumps, filters, and other related equipment.


Bulletin: Phenomenal UniGlas
Drawing: Model 5800 UniGlas Sight Windows
IOM: Sight Flow Indicators and Sight Windows Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual