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In-Tank Eductors - for Pharma, Biotech, Food Applications

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

The Problem:

A well known consumer goods company that makes liquid soap adds two different surfactants to their soap making process. Initially, they were using a mechanical mixer in the tank, causing them to have a first in, first out policy instead of being able to take fluid from every connection in the tank.

The Solution:

Jacoby-Tarbox Hygienic In-Tank Eductors (also known as Tank Liquid Agitators (TLAs)) were recommended in order to move the surfactant in the tank around to prevent stratification. Stratification of layers in the tank is not good for the company's process. Our Eductor Application Engineer also recommended installing a VFD to the recirculation pump to regulate the flow rate to the eductor at various liquid level heights in the tank, as violent mixing is also not desired. With the eductor, they can take fluid from every connection in the tank, diminishing the first in, first out policy in place with the traditional mechanical mixer. The TLA has ferruled connections and electropolished to 20a. Hygienic connections were also provided.

After the pilot test of eductors at a plant in the Southeast US, this organization is expanding this operation in their facilities in Europe and Central America.

Reach out to our Eductor Applications Engineer, Clarence Dela Vega, at +1 (440) 846-7653 or #engineer#hygienic#eductor#tanks

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