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Threaded Bulls-Eye Sight Flow Indicators
Models 150 PSIG & 150 ASME Class

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Jacoby-Tarbox’s full line of threaded bulls-eye sight flow indicators have been precisely engineered per the design criteria of ASME to provide either a nominal 150 psig rated unit or a full ASME rated  for flow observation and indication.  Threaded bullseye sight flows have been engineered per the design criteria of the ASME B31.1 & 31.3 Power & Chemical Piping Codes, incorporating only ASTM listed metals in the unit’s construction.  This standard setting group of features include full ASME code compliance with regards to yield criteria, materials, and pressure/temperature ratings.

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Introducing: Customer Model Building Capability

Users Can..

  • Create and download models

  • Make custom drawings

  • Generate data sheets for specific designs

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• Connections per ASME B1.20.1

• Standard fasteners (Class 150 models) per ASTM A354 and ASTM A194 complying with most piping specifications.

• Borosilicate glass

• Units and machined and assembled in an ISO-9001 fully automated facility.

• Wetted components meet NACE MR-01-75 / ISO15156-1 requirements.

• Stainless steel engraved identification faceplate.

FULL BORE VISIBILITY: Pipeline view is maximized, in most cases with a diameter that is equal to the nominal pipe size, allowing 100% unobstructed process observation of gases, solids, solutions, and slurries.

PRESSURE DROP: Non-Rotor models offer minimized pressure drops with their non-restricting, smooth, full-bore construction.

APPLICATIONS: Jacoby-Tarbox ASME flanged units are ideal for piping, process, and mechanical engineers that wish to maintain full ASME compliance within their pipelines.  Refining, chemical, power, and pharmaceutical industries are just a few areas of Jacoby-Tarbox’s successful code applications.  O.E.M.’s specify this series when maximum reliability in harsh operating service is desired.


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