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UniGlas®, FM Approved Dual Windows, Quartz, and Specialty Glass

All Jacoby-Tarbox sight flow indicators and sight windows with flat glass can be supplied with Dual Windows or with UniGlas windows.  If your specifications require an FM Approved assembly, then Dual Windows need to be specified.  UniGlas is a unique disc where glass and metal are fused into one single disc.  A ten to one safety factor is used in this design.  UniGlas is the ONLY disc available that may be re-used when an assembly is rebuilt.  UniGlas may be re-used because the stress introduced by the bolting is only applied to the metal and not the glass.


Phenomenal UniGlas®

All Jacoby-Tarbox sight flow indicators and sight windows with circular windows are available with or can be upgraded to have UniGlas windows.  UniGlas windows have logged millions of hours in the most severe applications over more than 35 years while never having a single catastrophic failure.

Full View Dual Window

Full View Dual Window

Dual windows provide 100% redundancy at every opening.  Sight flow indicators with FM approved dual window assemblies have four (4) window discs per unit.  All materials, borosilicate glass, UniGlas®,  and Quartz are available in a dual window configuration.

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Quartz and Specialty Glass

Quartz and other specialty windows are available for applications with extreme temperatures or specific wavelength transmission requirements.

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