Weld-On Sight Windows for ASME Pressure Vessels and non-ASME Applications

sight window w-5000

Jacoby-Tarbox Pressure Vessel Quality (PVQ) windows, circular and obround, are available manufactured in accordance with Section VIII of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.  Weld pads are a proprietary size and designed to be self-reinforcing like any other studding outlet.  Factory thicknesses work for most applications.  Custom thicknesses are available to meet your vessel designer’s requirements.  Non-ASME windows are available for lighter duty and piping applications.



• Pads available with flat (standard), cylindrical radius cut, or spherical radius cuts
• Weld neck body windows available for pipe ends, fittings, or vessels
• Standard windows available to 600 psig / 41.4 bar (consult factory for higher pressures)
• UniGlas window discs available for all weld-on sight windows
• Standard windows available with quartz glass for service temperatures up to 2012°F / 1100°C
• Custom sizes are available
• Weld pad material available to match your specification



Pressure Vessel Sight Window
Sight Windows – Normal Service to 150 psig

Model 5200-PVQ ASME VIII Sight Window (T400.56)
Model 5200-PVQ-DW ASME VIII FM Approved Sight Window (T400.57)
Model 5300-PVQ ASME VIII Obround Sight Window (T400.58)
Model 5200 (Commercial) Series Weld Pad Window (T400.55)
Model W-5000 Weld Neck Sight Window (T400.53)

T500.1 Jacoby-Tarbox Installation, Operating & Maintenance Instructions