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Gall Resistant Nitronic® 60 GRQ Engineered Hygienic Clamps

The GRQ Engineered Hygienic Clamp, after solving sealing and gasket intrusion problems for customers in all applications, has moved to the next level of performance expectations: gall resistance without the introduction of thread lubrication. Most manufacturers provide torque specification and then state, “values are based on lubricated threads.” Nitronic® 60 nuts, combined with 304 SS mating components, maximizes gall resistance in applications with no lubrication, such as in the production suite, after running through an autoclave, and in other challenging applications.

What is Nitronic 60?

Nitronic 60 is a high strength wear and gall resistant austenitic stainless steel that has better corrosion resistance than 304 and better pitting resistance than 316. Its dissimilarity to 304 and 316 maximizes the natural gall resistance of Nitronic 60.

Contact Jacoby-Tarbox Hygienics to see how the GRQ clamp with a Nitronic 60 nut can help you achieve consistent, predictable sealing without having to over-torque your hygienic unions and sanitary joints.

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