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Jacoby-Tarbox’s full line of sight flow indicators and sight windows are now available with UniShield, a fused PFA glass shield.  This latest innovation in glass protection from Jacoby-Tarbox is available for window discs and cylinders for both positive pressure and VACUUM service.  This technology incorporates PFA fluoropolymer powder coating over a clear catalytic primer resulting in the fused PFA shield.

This technology is the latest addition to the standard loose PFA/FEP, PCTFE (formerly known as Kel-F®), and MICA shields currently employed by process engineers for hazardous service and glass protection.

Fused PFA Glass Shielding for Sight Flow Indicators & Sight Windows

• All hydroxides
• Hydrofluoric acid
• Steam
• pH over 7.5 (caustics)
• Phosphoric acid

• Vessels/lines to full vacuum
• NPSH on lines induced by pumps
• Vacuum process tanks

• High viscosity fluids
• Fatty processes
• Polymers
• Petrochemical/Refining
• Bulk resin production
• Concentrates

Borosilicate glass, the standard in all Jacoby-Tarbox process equipment, is corrosion resistant to most chemical processes.  However, glass should be protected or enhanced under these known corrosive and difficult applications.

UniShield is your early warning device, showing changes in shield BEFORE glass integrity is compromised.

Chemical attack compromises the integrity of the glass.  Point permeation presents itself as a “white dot” due to the translucent property of PFA.  This very limited exposure gives operators an indication of change prior to any compromise in glass integrity.  When glass is left unprotected dangerous corrosion and erosion can take place before it is detected or observed by the operator as shown below.

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