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Safety Glass & Shields

Innovative solutions to extend your window’s duty cycle

uniglas coaster.png

UniGlas®, FM Approved Dual Windows, Quartz, and Specialty Glass

All Jacoby-Tarbox sight flow indicators and sight windows with flat glass can be supplied with Dual Windows or with UniGlas windows.  If your specifications require an FM Approved assembly, then Dual Windows need to be specified.  UniGlas is a unique disc where glass and metal are fused into one single disc.  A ten to one safety factor is used in this design.  UniGlas is the ONLY disc available that may be re-used when an assembly is rebuilt.  UniGlas may be re-used because the stress introduced by the bolting is only applied to the metal and not the glass.

unishield sight glass

UniShield® Window Protection, Shielding, and Fluoropolymer Lining

Jacoby-Tarbox’s specialty windows, fluoropolymer linings, UniShield® window protection, and other shielding may all be employed while maintaining the original unit’s full ASME rating for all flanged bulls-eye sight flow indicators and sight windows.

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